Aug 082013

First stop ‘The Z-axis”…

We bought a Optimum BF20 L as a conventional machine that needs to be converted to CNC.
There are a lot of options of driving the lead screws of all these axis.
Some say ‘Take of the hand-wheels  and place some motors on them” (not our approach).

First we need to disassemble the Z-axis by completely taking the thing apart.
TIP: Making pictures of each step can help you later on.

disassemble_Z (1) disassemble_Z (2) disassemble_Z (3)
disassemble_Z (4) disassemble_Z (5) disassemble_Z (6)

Now its time to start measuring and drawing everything in a CAD program.
Making machines or converting them starts out with drawings..

On the left we see an overview of what the Z-axis will become.
The blue parts in the middle are the parts we have to make for this axis.
All parts that are not blue can be purchased.

CAD_01 CAD_02 CAD_03

Looking at the right picture above I have used:
One Nema 34 4.0Nm Stepper motor: DCNC-IP54-4.0NM
One  Zero Backlash Shaft Coupler DCNC-D32-L32 
Two  Nema 34 Stepper Mounts Nema34Mount
One 3202/5202-2RS 15x35x15.9 (Double row angular contact bearing)
One  Inductive Switch Shielded 12NOC2A-S NPN 
And a hand full of bolts… ;)

So thats the easy part… buying stuff…

The stepper motor drives the leadscrew through the zero backlash coupler.
I have chosen not to use the original one, but a RM2005 (found on Ebay : Linearmotionbearings2008)
This guy (Chai) can also machine the ends for you.

So Order the following :

PDF Drawing : RM2005

Now its time for some actual machining.
Lets call the top part (Isolated in the left bottom image) the Bearinghouse.

CAD_04 Bearinghouse
Drawings :  Z-axis

The linear movement from the ballnut is transferred to the carriage through a bracket.
For now I’ll call this the ballnut bracket and can be found beneath.

 CAD_05 Ballnut Bracket
Drawings : Z-axis2

Milling and powder coating  the parts :

 Assembly of the Optimum BF20L Z-axis :

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  1. Frist of all….your job is incredible ….congratulations

    Secondly …I really loved your painting

    I am a fan of you….so ….thumbs up for you

    be good


  2. hello – if possible receiving Bearinghouse in dxf format – greetings Jack.

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