This page is all about the electronics of my home build CNC Router.

To drive a CNC machine you will need a CNC controller.
The controller is the link between the computer and the machine itself.

In the posts below I will show the way I build this controller, and will try to explain more on the parts later on.
A lot of DIY'ers that are building their own CNC router are afraid of the electronics, but really it's no rocket science.

If there are any questions just leave them in the comment sections.
The posts in this section show both the 1st and the second Electronic CNC Controller build.


RoboCNC Controller wiring
Mach3 General config

RoboElectronics X2 CNC Controller [Part 5]

Now the CNC Controller is completed its time to setup Mach3. Before I get a lot of questions “Yes I ...
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RoboElectronics X2 CNC Controller [Part 4]

In this part I will show how to wire all this stuff together… First of all you can download this pdf ...
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RoboElectronics Frontpanel

RoboElectronics X2 CNC Controller [Part 3]

Part 3 of the RoboElectronics X2, it’s beginning to take shape. Maybe I over exaggerate the posts on the controller, ...
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Breakout board + PoKeys55T

RoboElectronics X2 CNC Controller [Part 2]

This is part 2 of the RoboElectronics X2 CNC controller project. Now that the power supply for the stepper motors ...
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Universal enclosure

RoboElectronics X2 CNC Controller [Part 1]

In the process of upgrading my machine i wanted to upgrade some stepper motors. But after the Y axis upgrade i ran ...
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RoboCNC Controller Version 1

Some people say I’m building a CNC machine in reverse…. Well yes i started at the electronics, but i already explained that ...
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