The CNC Router can make all kinds of 2,5D / 3D art as you can see on this website.

To make this possible the end-mill that's inside the  spindle needs to move 3 dimensional.
The up and down going motion of the router is done by the Z-axis as (the Cartesian coordinate system).

In the posts linked to in this page I will show the way I have build my Z axis.
And I will also point out any modifications I make along the way, as this built will probably never end. 🙂

At the time I write this I'm already at the drawing board for a version 2... a floating Z axis...

Feel free to comment on all posts, it's always nice to get some feedback.


Z-axis ball-screw
RM1605 ball screw

Z ball-screw [mod. 1]

The CNC machine has made him self some money to upgrade the Z-axis... I did not have real problems with ...
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Preparation for the 4th Axis

As I’m planning to add a 4th axis “A Axis” i have to do some preparations. First of all the Z ...
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Z Axis version 1

I was already accused of building the machine in a strange order so lets do Z first. I design the complete machine ...
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