The X axis is the base of the CNC gantry router.

This axis travels from left to right, called X- to X+.

The complete gantry (Y+Z) is moved over this axis, and is therefore the heaviest one.

There are a lot of different way's to build a X axis, and to be honest I do not think my approach is the best one.
But well, a DIY CNC machine is never complete so I'll probably modify things as I go.
One thing that i do not really like is the fact I can hardly support the table.

Below you will find all the posts I do on the X axis, firstly my build, and later on the modifications and upgrades.

Feel free to comment. Questions? ideas ? Just let me know...


RoboCNC X axis

X ball-screw [mod. 1]

Revision 1 of the X axis… As i told before there was a problem with the X lead screw,  there ...
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X Axis version 1

The X axis is the base of the cnc router, and travels from left to right. This axis will move ...
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