The Y axis is the one that travels from front to back.

This axis is on top of the X axis, so it travels with the x motion to.
The Y axis, also called gantry, caries the Z axis so the circle is round after this one.

With the completion of this axis I will have 3, and come very close to have a running machine.

Again, to start I use some parts, that will be replaced when my money tree gets bigger.
For example I already know that there will be ball-screws instead of Trapezium lead-screws in the end.

Below you will find the posts about my Y axis / gantry, and again some modifications.


Y ball-screw [mod. 1]

This is not a very interesting page, but it is a modification so i’ll just post it anyway.. Lately i noticed some ...
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Preparation for the 4th Axis

As I’m planning to add a 4th axis “A Axis” i have to do some preparations. First of all the Z ...
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Y Axis version 1

Despite the setback of the X axis i will continue building the machine. For the X axis i ordered a ballscrew, ...
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