If you build a CNC machine... When is the machine ready or complete? Never i suppose...

I wonder around YouTube, and every time I see new stuff to "Add on" the CNC machine.

When I see this stuff I wonder if I can make it myself, or try to find my own solutions.
As always I try to keep the cost down a bit, buying everything is not a hobby, building it is.
Although buying upgrades can be very pleasant to when the machine earns its own money.

This page with its subpages will show the stuff I make as extra's and add-ons for the machine.
You can think of a 4th axis, touch-probe, vacuum work holding, custom engravers, and hopefully much more.

If you want to keep posted about this stuff please register an account to be informed.


Dust Shoe X2

Well there is nothing to tell really. The video says it all. The New test test setup ‘Dust Shoe’ ...
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RoboCNC Dust Cyclone

Dust Cyclone

Using a CNC Router you can make a lot of stuff, but even more dust… Of course i use a shopvac ...
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Vacuum pump 2

Vacuum work holding

Sometimes clamping down projects can be difficult… In a lot of these cases vacuum work holding can be a solution ...
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Diamond drag engraver

I wanted to engrave glass for some time now, and i failed with diamond burs a few times… To do ...
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3D / CMM / Digitizing Probe

Have you ever wanted to copy an existing design? There are several ways to do that, you can redesign the ...
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4th Axis

The first Add-on page…  a 4th axis, aka A-axis. With a 4th axis there are tons of new things to ...
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Casting a Dust Shoe

Making the router bed i came to the conclusion that MDF dust is a big problem. I was surprised  by the amount of dust ...
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